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Supanova 2012

Robins@ Jill and Nadleeh
Photo by meeee

Now I can't exactly call this coverage as I barely took any photos xD;;
Supanova event was this weekend and it was pretty good. Saturday was spent mostly promoting mine, Kaiya and Su's upcoming photobooks and catching up with friends. I mostly took photos and spammed my instagram rather than getting my dslr out but under the cut you can the(few) pics I took on Sunday of friends.

Now that nova is over I can focus on getting SMASH stuff ready wktkwktk!! Currently I am down with a cold that appeared over nova weekend orz a

anyways, pics under ze cut~


_MG_1513 blog
Robins@ Jill and Nadleeh !!
_MG_1517 blog

_MG_1530 blog
Inazumaaaaaa@ Miyukiko
(actually I haven't watched Go properly so I don't know the character name LOL)

_MG_1577 blog

Smoooooooooooch@ Minami
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