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_MG_7336 copy

Hatsune Miku@ Takuya
Lighting assistant@ Kaiya
Photo by Madara

We did this shoot...towards the end of January heh. When I arrived back from JP I really wanted to keep shooting and Takuya had mentioned shoots while was away so I jumped on the chance as soon as I returned XD. Thank you to the lovely Kaiya for holding reflector and Takuya for letting me take pics of her beautiful Miku \o/ hoping to take more pics of her Miku from a different pv later in the year :D <3

Pics are under the cut~

_MG_7156 copy

_MG_7134 copy

_MG_7145 copy

_MG_7167-Edit copy

_MG_7185 copy

_MG_7191 copy

_MG_7208 copy

_MG_7336 copy

_MG_7361 copy

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