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_MG_3609 copy

Rin@ Nadleeh
Archer@ Kaiya

Photos by Madara

This is a shoot from a while back that I never got around to posting haha;;;; It's not often I am the sole photog for a shoot so I was worried about what if my photos and lighting are not good enough but it was a really fun shoot. I started off using a reflector(leaning it against various things or my kneesLOLLL) and then incorporating some off camera flash as well towards the end :) .I was really surprised we didn't get kicked out though...some of the shots were taken after we climbed on part of the building LOL Best part of the shoot was sticking on Kaiya's eyebrows...I will never forget<3
_MG_3654 copy

_MG_3685 copy

_MG_3771 copy

_MG_3807 copy

_MG_3815 copy
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