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Fate/Unlimited Nadleeh

Saber&edit@ Nadleeh
Photo by Madara

More pics up here:

We did this shoot last week actually, I started off taking pics for my assignment and then Nad changed into Saber. It was a great day, I definitely want to go back and use this location again....thinking 07Ghost hehe

Life Update:
Been on a slight hiatus as of late /sigh. Uni work is hectic, the first lot of assignments and a test are due next week. I've managed to make some cool friends in all my classes so I'm pretty happy with that. I need to talk to my boss about cutting one of my work days because I'm doing about 22hrs each week and the recommended is around 13-15hrs. I haven't even had time to open up bridge and process anything apart from my photo media assignment.
Mahhh nantokanarunaru~
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