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Three shoots to come

Model: Nadleeh
Makeup and Hair: Lauren

Evangelion Halloween cosplay
Asuka: Takuya
Mari: Nadleeh

Models: Taku-dachi
Makeup and styling: Mad

Photography by Mad

Just a quick preview of the photoshoots i've been working on over the past month...
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Portrait Shoot

Model: Mad
Lighting assistant: Cass
Photography by Hannah

We went on a bit of a road trip to the mountains and I did some modelling for blackmilk leggings for Hannah's photomedia assignment earlier today. Big thanks to Hannah for inviting me and Cass helping out during the shoot. I know you love it when I serenade you with 1D music, don't lie Hannah<3 Read more
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Model: Redcigar
Hair and assistance: Tatjana
Makeup and Photography: Mad

The brief was to create a fashion shoot referencing any international culture. I sewed some tartan clothing items and matched them with some items from RedCigar's clothing collection, it was a fun day :) Big thanks to both the model and assistant<3333 Read more
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