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Lady Gaga themed shoot


Model: Katelyn
Photos by Madara

Small uni assignment submission, pics under ze cut. Read more
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Original: Madara

Photos by Nadleeh (thank you!!!)

A small shoot we did just before uni went back this week >__< we were supposed to do a studio shoot but we got given the run around by the studio owner the night before haha /twitch...alas we still felt like shooting and didn't want our efforts to go to waste so we just did a small set up with some new fabric I got really cheap from work recently lol.
I can't even remember the last time we did anything original, I felt very stiff with posing and hadn't really thought in depth about a concept orz....basically I put the stuff together the day before 8D;;;;;;; sorry Nad!

Feels weird updating this blog with so much of my face ughhh hopefully Nad will finish her backlog soon so I can upload some of them :D! Read more
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