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I am currently blogging from Japan and waiting for Kohaku Uta Gassen to start while Nad has a nap.
The last few days we've been waking up around 5am and returning in the evening so the lack of sleep has gradually built up!
We attended Winter Comiket this year as well as Tonacos. We squeezed through the craziest crowds and lined up for hours while watching the sun rise LOL. I've pretty much met all my cosplay gods and either exchanged cards, taken photos or bought their roms/photobooks *3* everybody even though they are so famous are so kind and beautiful >3
Also Nadleeh, Mari and I will be in the next issue of Cosmode magazine in our Vocaloid Poker Face cosplay :) hopefully the pic will be small to hide my ugly.

Well I was going to write up a past yr post but I cbb so i'll just highlight some parts.
<3 I've been been lucky enough to spend this year with my great friends, partner and family.
<3 Completed with Nad and Icie our Panty & Stocking photobook which we sold out of at SMASH >//<
<3 Made and did shoots for aprox 51cosplays including a shoot with Shiroangsamaaa and also did a paid modelling shoot for the first time.
<3 Made it safely to JP and met up with Reikosan, Marichan and Takopyon :3

Goals for next year:
<3 I hope to do take more photos this yr and improve!!!!
<3 Make more friends and do well at university.
<3 Become more confident.
<3 Branch out and do some shoots for my original designs and general wear.
<3 Work on 2 new photobook projects!! which I will announce later on... and also work on a Hatsune Miku video project >3<

Thank you to everyone who has cheered me on this year and visited my pages. I hope you all have a very good new year!!!
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ZONE-00 Ruiko


Photo by Madara

Hope to upload the full set soon, but....4days until I leave for much to sew...FML
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Tiger & Bunny: Pao-Lin and Ivan

Pao-Lin@ Nadleeh
Ivan@ Miyukiko
Photos by Madara

More pics under the cut :) Read more
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Ivan@ Miyukiko
Pao Lin@ Nadleeh
Photo by Meeee

Photo set to come soon :)
I am currently crazily preparing costumes for JP, only 2 weeks to go!! I bought one costume but I need to sew/start 5 costumes hahahaha~~~
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This Photo shoot is from a while back now, all thanks to Su for securing this awesome location :)
Meltdown Rin@Su
Photo by Madara
Thanks to Christie for holding the flash and reflector as well! Would love to have the opportunity to shoot Su's Rin cos again, so pretty *3*!!
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Rei@ Nadleeh
Photo by Madara

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First entry

Hi there, Madara here ^3^!
I am a cosplayer from Sydney but I also do love taking photos as well.
I have created this new blog which I will be mainly using to post my photos, however I will upload random thoughts and such as well.

Profile: プロフィール
*Madara (cure:えくしあ・Exia)
*Female 女
*Born on 6th March 3月6日生まれ
*Frequents Sydney シドニーエリアに出没
*Likes: Arashi, High tea, Photography, Cosplay

Please feel free to add me on twitter: Madarachuu or other sites if interested in shooting together or just to chat :)

Thanks for visiting!!
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