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Vivid Sydney 2012




Recently went to this years Vivid Sydney event, it was cold and raining on the night I went so I didn't take many pics this time...and they kinda suck anyway so XD;;
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Vivid 2011

Vivid Sydney is coming around again soon *3*!!!! can't wait to go wktkwktk!
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Shoot backlog

A mental note to myself...shoots I need to process/upload:
*Vocaloid Meltdown
*Zone00 Ruiko...couple pics
*Fate Stay Night shoots
*Poker Face
*JP site seeing pics
*Vocaloid defaults
*MF niji iro kumakuma w/Jinxie jp
*MF military
*Ace Attorney Jinxie
*Mr Music-Miku
*Angel Sanctuary

Off to uni orientation day now...hoping I won't get too lost...I will go buy fabric after uni for this weekends shoot LOL
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What did I ask Santa for christmas?.....

...clearly it was the above stunning pool of love (jk)
actually I asked for more time with my partner :P
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I am back in Sydney now~~~ arrived back on last Friday but then I went away for the weekend during which I finally got to see the Sherlock movie *A* it was beautiful<333

I had my first day back at work boss got mixed up with which month I would be lessening my shifts...she thought it was end of January instead of late February (which I had told her maybe 4 or more times previously orz) pretty sick of my boss constantly forgetting these details...she must have asked me at least 6 or more times when i was going on holiday last yr /sigh

Anyway i'm still trying to catch up on sleep from the terrible flight back lol!

Trying to get rid of the backlog of pics before my JP trip...I have a huge backlog of cosplay shoots photos as well arghhhh going to start with the non-cosplay pics as there isn't as many :)

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